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Masada3D is a reference for a Science Channel program


Masada3D models used by television producers for Dead Sea Scrolls program.

You can watch the entire episode online (with some commercials sprinkled in) at

This is the result of an agreement we made last year to allow Windfall Productions to use our models of the northern palace.

A Reconstruction

and make it live again

Rebuilding Masada bit by bit

Our MISSION is a changing target, because the toolsets we have available keep changing, which is a good thing.

We believe that it is certain that an actual, 100 percent reconstruction of the structures originally erected on Masada circa 18 BCE will never be accomplished.

We know for a fact that it would be a beautiful, fun, interesting place to look at in its full, original condition.

Therefore, our goal is:
  • Rebuilding Masada in 3D for virtual 3D environments, to a level of authenticity that provides for a pleasing and educational virtual viewing experience.
  • We anticipate a timeline of various historic build/destroy/add-on versions, in which the pre-historic, Herodian, Roman siege, Byzantine, and eroded/sedimentized modern status are all viewable.
  • The resulting models will enable fly-through and walk-around, provide some insight into the relationships between buildings and other structures, and simulate view corridors and overlook vistas.
  • There may also be the ability to realistically view the locations as seen by the defenders and the besieging troops during the siege of the site.
Thanks for your interest !

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